About SEOciety

What drives us? Why do we do what we do? Come find out, and meet the team behind SEOciety.

Quek Jing Yan

Co-Founder and SEO/SEM Specialist

Jing Yan is a Digital Marketer who specialises in digital marketing strategies and creating optimal online user experience. As a Google Adwords certified Professional, Jing Yan has an excellent record of pushing both business and educational websites to the first page of the organic search engine results through SEO marketing and manages PPC campaigns for clients to lower their costs while generating more leads. She has worked with clients from various industries such as Medical, Health and Wellness, Engineering, E-Commerce, Education, increasing their online lead generation and sales conversion in e-commerce.

Jing Yan has experience in both the public and private sector in Singapore, China and USA. After graduating with a Masters in Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University in USA, Jing Yan spent a few years in online market research and analysis for consumer products and services, pharmaceuticals, retail, media, and public policy in a Silicon Valley company. With her wide experience in meeting the needs of various industries, she will be effective in understanding your online business needs and executing strategies customised for enterprises, be it reaching out to the US, Singapore or Chinese markets.


Jing Yan has also much mentoring experience as an active volunteer leader with Beautiful People, an organization that works with teenage girls in the shelter. With her experience in business, in the internet marketing industry and in mentoring, she has coached many people with disabilities and helped them to find employment or build up their own business. Jing Yan is also learning basic sign language to communicate with the deaf community.

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Co-Founder and Social Media Marketing Specialist

Hendrick has had much experience in running social media marketing campaigns, along with project and event management, and he is also known for his ability to create innovative technology-based products and systems. Hendrick has a deep passion to help people, especially those who are underprivileged, to empower them to fulfil their potential and spur them towards self-sufficiency and better employment.

Hendrick has more than 20 years of experience in both the public and private sectors. He was previously an e-Commerce Engineer in a MNC where his task is to set up online business platforms for Business-to-Business and consumers products and services.


Thereafter, he moved on to become the Manager of a New Media Team in a Statutory Board to develop strategic social media products and programmes in the Health and Wellness sector. He is HTML Coding Certified and has a Specialist Diploma in e-Commerce.


Hendrick’s experience includes being a co-founder of a social enterprise Hearts Aflame, where the aim is to alleviate poverty in Asian developing countries through arts and its creative form. He also has much mentoring experiences as an active volunteer in local non-profit organisations, and is familiar with the local social service landscape.

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Melanie Chan

Marketing Manager

Inquisitive by nature, I am always seeking trivia tidbits to better understand society and conducting internal debates in my head that bring about unique insights. 

Apart from music, reading, and coffee, I am passionate about marrying my love for marketing with social good.

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David Lee

Digital Marketer

David comes from an accounting background having studied commerce during his A Levels. He worked in accounting for 10 years before switching to a completely different field of video editing. After 10 years of doing videos, he was looking for a new challenge, so he signed up for our SEO/SEM course conducted by Jing Yan, and eventually joined the team in 2016.

Besides being good with numbers and having experience in producing videos, David is also IT savvy and has a passion for gaming. During his time in the video business, he learnt how to build his own business website with Wordpress and this skill has helped him to settle in quickly as our work involves working directly with CMS. Adding on to his skills, is David's years of playing games has given him the attitude of never giving up the fight till the last moment.


Building on his existing skillset, David continues to explore the world of digital marketing and is working towards becoming a valuable member of the team.

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Law Yean Cheng


Yean Cheng is a team member with many talents in IT. With several years of experience in graphics design and website development, she often doubles up to help in improving and restructuring websites for the company's SEO work.

To Yean Cheng, there's always room for improvement in many things. She doesn't believe in being too comfortable in the skills and expertise one already has in a specific area of work, and is often on the go to try out new things at work. That is why she also enjoys working in digital marketing where the work variety and possibility of exploration is limitless.


Her belief in life is "Only when you try, then will you realize the possible potential you possess."

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Lim Kay Choong

Digital Marketer

Kay Choong holds a Bachelor in Business Management from Singapore Management University and a Diploma in Information Technology from Nanyang Polytechnic. With the interest in both the Marketing and IT field, Kay Choong immediately found a right fit in the role as a digital marketer.

Learning never stops. Kay Choong enjoys spending time to keep himself up-to-date with the latest trends and happenings in the market, as well as improving his skills to better assist his clients.

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Lim Shin Ming

Lim Shin Ming

Digital Marketer

Shin Ming graduated in 2007 from Nanyang Polytechnic with a Diploma in Information Technology (Diploma with Merit). In the same year he joined BizPower a social enterprise of Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore). Under this programme, he uses his IT skills in completing the various Web Design projects. He also picked up some Graphics Design knowledge to better understand the processes involved and communicate with the designers. Since then, he has learned how to work well in a team and become a team leader.

Shin Ming first learnt about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through a training workshop conducted by Jing Yan. Through the training he realized his interest in SEO and join the team upon completion of the SEO training. Currently he is building up my skills set in SEO and SEM, as he believes that "You never try, you never know"

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Oh Boon Keng

Oh Boon Keng

Digital Marketer

Boon Keng is a NUS Social Work graduate. Albeit not joining the social work profession due to concerns of his declining health and stamina, Boon Keng still desires to contribute meaningfully to the society. He hopes that his work at SEOciety would ultimately empower many more disadvantaged people like him with training and employment opportunities in the global scene of digital marketing.

Boon Keng also brings with him his passion on psychology at SEOciety. He strives to understand his digital marketing work through the psychological lens. Within the company and team, he initiates to explore and improve on the processes and dynamics at work. He enjoys venturing into new frontiers with a favourite quote from George Bernard Shaw, "You see things; and you say 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say 'Why not?'".

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Wen Liquan


Liquan graduated in 2005 from National University of Singapore with a Degree in Computing. Upon graduation, he have worked in a web design firm for several years. With his years of experience, he is proficient in web development and the application of content management systems in developing websites that fits the clients’ needs. His motto is always to deliver the best website to the clients to help them reach their goals.

Besides web development, Liquan is also particularly interested in online marketing and believes there’s a huge potential in the internet marketing industry. He hopes that his work at SEOciety will allow him to combine his skills in web development with the knowledge of online marketing to better serves the needs of clients. Apart from working, he also volunteer his time at Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore) to share his knowledge to other youths as a way to give back to society and also to help youths discover the potential they have in them. 

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Everyone is empowered to pursue their dreams

SEOciety was created on the vision to empower the underdog, be it small medium enterprises or people with disabilities.

We believe that everyone should have equal opportunities in employment prospects, as well as business growth through digital marketing.

SEOciety has been focused on training single mums and people with disabilities, such as muscular dystrophy, on their digital marketing skills since its inception.

In turn, our dedicated and talented team creates positive results for our clients, to help these businesses achieve their targets in Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Baidu Optimization and Social Media Marketing such as Facebook Marketing and WeChat marketing.

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