Presentation at E2 Connect: From Selection to Employment for a Digital Marketing Company

July 25, 2016

E2 Connect Conference 2016

SEOciety was invited to present at the E2 Connect conference by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore. Enable and Empower Connect, E2 Connect in short, is the first AT/IT (assistive and infocomm technology) conference in Singapore for persons with disabilities and their caregivers, as well as the professionals and employers working with them. The two-day conference was held in July at the Enabling Village.

E2 Connect Presentation Schedule

SEOciety’s co-founder, Quek Jing Yan and one of its employee with disability, Oh Boon Keng, presented at the conference. Their presentation, titled “From Selection to Employment for a Digital Marketing Company”, gave the audience some insights in training, selecting and employing persons with disabilities as employees. Jing Yan was there to share from the perspective of the company, whilst Boon Keng shared from his perspective as an employee.

Jing Yan Presenting at E2 Connect Conference

Jing Yan shared with the attendees her belief of getting to know a potential employee through weeks of training instead of a one-off interview. Through the training by SEOciety, she is able to better see the student’s attitude and if he/she will be a good fit to the company. “Sometimes by week two, you can see if the student doesn’t do the homework, how am I going to trust that person to deliver the work in future?” she explained.

Employing Persons with Disabilities from Training

Although SEOciety’s training is on the fundamentals of SEO and SEM, there are still some basic requirements for students to sign up for it. Students need to be familiar with using the internet and basic computer software, such as Skype and Microsoft Office. A good command of English is important in the area of marketing. These basic requirements help ensure the relatively intensive training to be smoothly completed within just six weeks.

With this sharing of the training and employment selection process, Jing Yan moved on to talk about the success of the company in hiring and grooming its employees with disabilities. She brought in Boon Keng as an example of how some of SEOciety’s employees became trainers themselves in the recent training the company conducted. The stage was then handed over to Boon Keng who continued the presentation.

In the next post, we will share more on Boon Keng’s presentation on his journey with the company from training to working. Stay tuned!

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