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Is your business in need of an immediate targeted advertising? Do you want an effective online advertising campaign?
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Want to generate interested customers to your e-commerce site immediately? How do you lower the costs of advertising online and still get the best targeted exposure to potential clients?

Pay Per Click advertising is a method of online advertising in which businesses can display ads that appear alongside the results of Internet searches. When a consumer conducts an Internet search, for example: digital camera, (s)he will see advertisements from a variety of related merchants. SEOciety will help you rank your ad higher in the list without paying more than your competitors!

The beauty of PPC is that you, the advertiser, pays only when a consumer actually clicks on the ad and goes through to your website. The customer is a pre-qualified lead, since he has already shown interest in the product, first, by typing in the search term and, second, by clicking on the advertising link. With its proven effectiveness, the benefits of PPC advertisements is rapidly growing in popularity among businesses both large and small. If your ad is not online, that means your customers are going to the competition!

Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising

The benefits of Pay Per Click advertisements make it arguably the ideal form of advertising in today’s environment. Regardless the network or search engine used, PPC brings benefits for all types of businesses:

– Keep within your Budget

SEOciety will help to customise your budget according to the seasonal demands of your business. For example, if you are a tuition agency, you can choose to spend more on advertising a few months before examinations period when the demand for tutors is higher and spend lesser during the other months. In addition, we will set daily budgets to ensure that your return on investments remains positive.

– Strategically Target Your Customers

SEOciety will help you to choose relevant search keywords together with negative keywords so that you PPC campaign is customised to determine when and where to show your advertisements to target your potential customers. Depending on the website you choose to display your advertisements, you can also choose to display text or display advertisements for the best effects.

– Immediacy

The fastest way to generate targeted traffic to your website is through Pay Per Click Advertising. When there is stiff competition, ranking on the first page of organic results even with the best search engine optimisation methods can sometimes take weeks while a PPC campaign advertisement will appear on the first page of the search engines results as immediate as 15 minutes.

– Advertise 24/7 to specific geographic areas

If you are an e-commerce shop, your ads can be shown to potential customers all day so that you have sales around the clock. Even if you are a brick and mortar store in Singapore, you are able to expand your export business by targeting your ads to overseas customers living in specific countries.

– Track Your Results

When you host your PPC campaign with SEOciety, we will include a detailed analysis report that shows you which keywords are being the most effective for each ad. For e-commerce sites, we can even get more in depth and track if a product was bought from a PPC click.

– Change on the Fly

Do you find an ad that is not effective? SEOciety can help you stop it from showing up immediately. Want to change to a catchier ad copy? We will edit the existing advertisement to make small wording changes. This is certainly an advantage over a newspaper or magazine advertisement in the middle of printing!

– Higher Return on Investments

As compared to print and television advertisements, PPC advertisements is free to view for all consumers unless someone actually clicks on your advertisements. Potential customers can see the essential information of your business such as phone number and address without you paying. Your business is only charged when customers are interested to visit your website and clicks on the advertisement. Therefore, you will get a much higher proportion of targeted visitors for every dollar spent.

PPC can serve as an important market research tool, as it highlights precisely the keywords and phrases that attract the best prospects and sales. It also enables advertisers to easily identify new market trends.

Why hire SEOciety to manage your PPC advertisements?

At SEOciety, we are Google Adwords certified individuals who specialises in managing your online advertising campaigns. With experience working with clients from various industries such as Medical, Health and Wellness, increasing their online lead generation and sales conversion in e-commerce, SEOciety will be able to maximise your return on investments for your marketing budgets!


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