WeChat Marketing

WeChat Marketing

Are you thinking of reaching out to the modern Chinese market but not exactly sure how to?
What is WeChat Marketing? Why Do It?

According to the IACP Centre for Social Media, social media accounts for more than one in every four minutes spent online. Facebook accounts for about 24% of internet traffic in June 2014. Social Media is fast becoming the channel to go to for information sharing.

However, residents in China do not have access to Facebook. With language as a barrier, many Chinese immigrants are also not active users of Facebook. Instead, they use other social media channels such as Weibo and WeChat, the equivalent of Twitter, and a combination of Facebook and Whatsapp in China.

Should I set up my own WeChat business community?

Benefits of setting up a business account is the ability to build your own community so that your business can have regular customer engagements. This will be effective for promoting customer loyalty and increasing the number of returning customers. However, similar to the challenges of effective marketing to Facebook groups, creating awareness to attract members to join and building up a sizable community usually takes a long time and needs consistent materials to engage your audience.

Should I leverage on an existing WeChat business community?

In addition to setting up your own business community, SEOciety has an existing platform of more than 300,000 subscribers that you can leverage! 新加坡眼, eye@Singapore, is a community that started in 2011 as a resource for Chinese nationals in Singapore and potential immigrants. We took first-mover advantage and grew to be the most influential Chinese Language social media platform in Singapore. We started operating WeChat since 2013.

Currently, 50% of our 300,000 subscribers are locals, including Singaporeans, naturalised citizens, new residents and Chinese immigrants who come to Singapore to work or study. The remaining 50% are Chinese nationals based in the first tier cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Many of them subscribe to our platform because they are interested in coming to Singapore to invest, start businesses or send their children here to study. If you want to immediate access to market your products and services to the Chinese market, contact us today! We are at least three times more popular than our closest competitor.

Other than Weibo and WeChat, we operate a website www.yan.sg. Our team also enjoy good network both locally and in the Greater China circle, including Prof Zheng Yongnian, Prof Su Guaning, Assoc Prof Wang Jiangyu, Rose Lvqiu Luwei, Dr Zhang Lifen of FT, Dr Mao Daqing of Vanke, etc. We are able to combine the different marketing channels, including both online and offline such as events, to effectively reach out to the Chinese market, contact us now!


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