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A successful society requires the assistance and collaboration of like-minded people with a singular goal.

We are proud to be working with these organisations who are dedicated to creating change that matters.

Jing Yan devoted a lot of time and energy in working with SG Enable to deliver a 2 days ‘Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation” course for a class comprising persons with different disabilities. Her candid sharing of knowledge during the course was well received by our trainees and many of them showed great interest to pursue further training or opportunities in this field of work. In fact, many of the students approached her after the course to enquire about additional training opportunities with her company. Jing Yan’s positive energy and strong sense of empathy made the course a very positive and engaging experience for the students. We certainly look forward to working with her again. 

Ng Herk Low, Director, Employment & Employability, SG Enable

The training for SEO allowed me to understand the diverse approach of doing optimisation for websites. SEO is not just about enabling websites to be more prominent (rank #1) on Google or other search engines. It is about providing greater value to consumers and users of the website (and the company). It is not about stuffing the website with keywords with high search volume, but providing useful content for users and help them find the information they need easier and quicker. And if they can find the useful information they need on your website, they will be more than happy to give you their business/money. The training helped me to think more precisely from the consumers/users perspective and see what is important to them as well. I am now able to work on SEO with a more targeted and focused approach.

Boon Keng, Student at the Training for People with Muscular Dystrophy

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